South Korean Research Institute will build a hydrogen train that will be able to drive 600 km at one refueling


The Korean Research Institute of Railways (KERI) announced the development of a train on hydrogen fuel, which is planned to be commissioned by 2022.

According to engineers, the refueling of the hybrid vehicle is enough to drive 600 km, and the power of the fuel cells is enough to develop the maximum speed of 110 km / h. The cost of the project is $ 22.3 million, of which $ 2.6 million provided private investors.

The construction of a hydrogen train is held as part of a large-scale government program to modernize the existing and construction of new railway highways. Therefore, Keri is also engaged in the development of hybrid energy systems, fuel cells and energy converters, hydrogen gas stations and other technological solutions.

Scientists hope that R & D will have a positive impact not only on the environment, but will be cost-effective. New trains will first replace diesel locomotives, and then electrical. This will reduce the cost of maintaining power lines, substations and other infrastructure elements.

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