Spacex conducted a rocket engine test for flight to Mars


Ilon Mask published on Twitter photos and video of the first tests of the new Raptor Rocket Engine for Falcon Flights 9 and Martian missions Starship.

Spacex tested engines for super-heavy launch tracks next generation in Texas. The trial launch launched only a few seconds and, according to Ilona Mask, in general, passed successfully. Although during the first ignition, the green color of the flame was observed, the reason for which, most likely, was the partial burnout of the copper liner from the engine chamber. This should not happen, so engineers will deal with the study of the problem and enhance the isolation.

However, trial tests are intended to identify such things and their elimination. Therefore, as a rule, any first full-scale testing that has not been completed by an uncontrolled explosion is good.

Due to the financial difficulties, Spacex began to actively work on the main elements for Super Heavy missiles, which are designed to output StarShip ships in space. Ultimately, Raptor can be one of three engines that will be applied within the framework of the model of a starship appointed for spring 2019. It is planned that the vehicle will rise to the lower layers of the atmosphere, and then landed using its own power.

The first joint launch of the rocket and the ship should take place in the early 2020s. By that time, the development may already be completed