The course of Etherium grew by 10%.


Over the past 24 hours, the Ethereum price has increased from $ 127 to $ 140 and the market is trying to hold this level. Most virtual currencies picked up the impulse and show a moderate increase in cost by 2-6%.

During the day, the overall capitalization of the cryptocurrency market increased by $ 4 billion. The main growth factor was the support of Etheria investors (

Such a powerful impulse did not remain unnoticed and stimulated the growth of most cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin course (

Lightkoin (

Despite the current optimistic moods, analysts predict that it is a short-term growth that has replaced the prolonged period of Bitcoin stability. In the future, a fall is expected by 5-10%. Although historical data analysis does not give absolute guarantees, but in any case it is worth expecting the return of volatility. At the same time, Etherumer earlier survived a significant decline, so in the near future it can rapidly return lost positions and punch new resistance levels.

Virtual currencies are becoming increasingly popular. An additional confirmation of this is the statement of the Liechtenstein Postal Service on the beginning of the provision of services for