The draft law on digital rights passed the second reading in the State Duma


On March 5, the State Duma of Russia accepted the draft law «On digital rights» in the second reading, which shakes the regulatory framework for regulating the digital economy.

The document provides for amendments to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, in particular article 141.1 «Digital Rights» will be added to it. The draft law establishes the basic concepts to regulate the relationship in the field of digital economy, allowing to consider issues of legal protection, responsibility and guarantees for all subjects in this area.

The concept of digital rights is also introduced, and its objects are determined, such as cryptocurrency, self-admissible transactions, tokens, their turnover, as well as a place in the civil rights system.

Will’s expression in electronic form or with the help of other technical means will be equated to a written agreement. It will legalize any transactions on the basis of smart contracts, digital power of attorney and ballots for voting.

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Recently it also became known that the State Duma plans