The head of Binance called the start date of the test version of the decentralized platform


Chanpen Zhao, General Director of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, said that the test version of the BINANCE DEX will be launched on February 20.

On Tuesday, he wrote on Twitter that the Binance Chain network would be opened for public testing, offering users to join and leave their feedback on the work of a new decentralized trading platform. From previous announcements, it is known that Binance Dex will be compatible with all operating systems and will support popular hardware cryptococheries of LEDGER, Trezor and Keepkey companies.

According to Chanpen Zhao, due to the openness and transparency of transactions, the platform work will resemble Bitcoin. In order to prevent the entry of scam projects, the listing is planning to charge in the amount of $ 100 thousand. However, the developers claim that the new platform externally will be very similar to the centralized version, but with some additional features.

For the first time on the development of a decentralized trading platform

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