The Parliament of Italy approved a bill that determines the conditions for the application of the blockcha


The Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament adopted a bill that establishes the legal norms of using the technologies of a distributed registry, such as blockchain.

Further, the agency Electronic Italy for 90 days to determine the technical criteria to which smart contracts will be configured to obtain legal force. According to the approved bill, digital records posted on the blockchain will also be recognized as legal confirmation of documents in the registration process.

Thus, the country seeks to lay a legal basis for providing the possibility of using new technology by public and private entities. The changes previously outlined in the document were approved by the Senate of Italy.

According to representatives of the parliament, the blockchain is optimally suited as a base for online voting. However, at the moment there are no suitable projects in the country to introduce such systems, therefore the Five Star Movement Parties is searching for researchers who will be able to prove the effectiveness of technology in this area.

In Russia, the technology of a distributed registry is also beginning to be applied in various fields. Alfa-Bank and Quartflat 24