The State Duma launched a program for the training of lawyers skills in working in a digital economy


On February 18, the State Duma took place the discovery of the 7th stream of the program of additional education BCL «Legal basis and legal practices of work with cryptocurrency and blockchain projects».

As part of the event, the listeners were given an excursion to the regulation of the digital economy. They jointly with experts discussed bills regulating blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, ICO / STO, smart contracts and mining, including dismantled issues of combining key innovation forces — states, business and science — to introduce digital economy phenomena in the legal field.

According to the State Duma Deputy, Dmitry Sazonov, the development of modern digital competencies in lawyers is the key to the successful development of the digital economy in harmony with the law. He also believes that teaching within the course

Lawyers and lawyers from different cities of Russia, colleagues from the Republic of Belarus, Latvia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine were recorded for training on a new flow. BCL has been studying lawyers for a year, helps them understand new legal relations that arise in all branches of law with the introduction of advanced technologies. Recently, the project was written in the article by American Forbes, dedicated to the principles of building new schools.

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