The UN stated that North Korea received $ 670 million from the hacks of cryptobirzh and hacker attacks


According to the UN Security Council report, North Korea uses a hacker attacks and hacking cryptocrium to receive funds for circumventing economic sanctions.

In the document, analysts argue that since the beginning of 2017 to September 2018, cybercriminals, supported by the government, stole about $ 670 million, and $ 571 million from them were obtained as a result of successful attacks on Asian cryptocurrency trading platforms.

According to UN specialists, hackers use blockchain to hide traces of their actions and avoid persecution, and virtual currencies simplify the procedures of concealment, laundering and convert stored means.

Earlier, analogous assessment of the actions of the North Korean Hacker Group «Lazar» gave the IT company Group-IB. Last fall, its experts stated that in the account of the formation of 14 hacks of Asian cryptoch. South Korean special services also confirm the participation of neighbors in many cybercrimes, as well as in relationships with blockchain-startups for money laundering and bypassing sanctions.

The UN Council recommends that all participating countries cooperate and share information on cyberatics associated with the DPRK or other governments to deal with them.

Recall that in France to combat money laundering