Treaty for the purchase of Telegram Ton tokens can be invalid if the network is not launched until November


In accordance with the terms of paragraph 7.1 of the standard contract for the purchase of GRAM token, the extreme time launch of the cryptocurrency network is considered to be October 31, 2019. After this date, the agreement will be considered invalid and investors will be obliged to return the invested funds.

The document also says that the company plans to release cryptocurrency GRAM only after developing and launching the new Ton Blockchalter. Last month, reported that in the newsletter Telegram investors said that the project was ready for about 90%, the launch and audit of Testnet was appointed for February, and the working version should be released in March 2019.

However, the developers add that the innovative nature of the project is possible a delay of up to 3 months.

In the first quarter of 2018, Telegram held one of the most successful ICO in history, collecting during two closed rounds

According to experts, Pavel Durov