Twitter Head Integrates Lightning Network in Square Cash App Table Service


Leader: general director Twitter and Square Jack Dorsey intends to integrate Lightning Network in the Cash mobile payment application, which has 7 million active users.

According to him, many legal entities cooperate with the service, so the company wants users to make money transfers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Adding that in this case the question is not whether it will be implemented practically, but rather when this happens.

Lightning Network is one of the second-level solutions to scaling Bitcoin. The technology provides for the creation of payment channels between users who unload the network and transmit data to the blockchain only after closing or reorganization.

In 2018, CASH App has become the most popular financial application by the number of downloads to Google Play, and the number of its active users has reached 7 million people. The service allows you to work with the fiat and cryptocurrency. At the same time, Jack Dorsey himself from 2013 is a supporter of Bitcoin, considering that digital gold seeks to be a currency much stronger than altcoins that are engaged in solving more common tasks.

Last week, he also took part in the public initiative «Lightning Torch» (Torch of Lightning). In essence, it is a relay that provides a series of transactions between users of Lightning Network, where everyone transfers only 10 thousand Satosha to the one who trusts.

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