Venezuela began to control the turnover of cryptocurrency


The Government of Venezuela introduced restrictions on the turnover of cryptocurrencies, established the upper limit of commissions on operations and explained the general rules of regulating this area.

SunAcrip, Cryptoinductinian Control Organ, issued an official decree, which describes the requirements and features of remittances in cryptoactivities for individuals in the country. According to a new position, the sender is obliged to pay a commission to pay a fee of up to 15% of the total amount of the operation, but not less than the equivalent of 0.25 euros.

Additionally, SunAcRip can now restrict the turnover, set the quotes of virtual currencies relative to Bolivar, various tariff rates, as well as request data from senders and recipients of assets participating in transactions.

The monthly limit on cryptocurrency transfers is $ 600 (equivalent of 10 EL PETRO). Any payment exceeding this amount requires a regulator’s approval, which can give permission to carry out a maximum of $ 3 thousand.

The government also reported that physical, JUR can register in a single cryptological system. Persons and organizations of any form of activity that intend to work in this direction. Sunacrip is also responsible for systematization, control and verification of data related to user identification and their actions.

Since the beginning of 2019, many countries have begun to accelerate work in the direction of controlling digital currencies and blockchas. Recently Parliament Italy