Volvo will limit the maximum speed of its new cars up to 180 km / h


Volvo stated that from next year it will limit the maximum speed of its new cars up to 180 km / h, and also develops geolocation systems for automatic reduction of speed.

Representatives of Volvo say that too many people get serious injuries or even dying due to quick ride, and their products are not intended for racing. The automaker understands that new restrictions are not a panacea and there are such causes of accidents like intoxication and distraction, so looking for ways to fight and with them.

The company also explores the combination of intellectual control systems with geolocation technologies in order to be able to automatically limit the speed in certain areas, for example, in schools and hospitals. According to developers, drivers need to get used to such systems, as they will apply increasingly and will be based on the management of unmanned vehicles.

Chief Executive Officer Volvo Hakan Samuelsson said that they want the first to start a discussion about whether automakers can even be obliged to implement

When in 1959, the company’s engineers invented a three-point seat belt, manufacturers also discussed issues of freedom of will and responsibility.

Although representatives of the automotive organizations believe that a limitation of 180 km / h will not have a significant impact on the road situation, since it is still much higher than the permissible level of 110 km / h, which should adhere to all participants in the movement.

Jaguar Land Rover has also recently introduced a new