Warren Buffett called the blockchain in the brilliant invention, and Bitcoin is an illusion


The well-known investor and billionaire Warren Buffett called the blockchain in brilliant and important technology, but did not change his attitude towards cryptocurrency, counting Bitcoin just an illusion.

The head of Berkshire Hathaway in his recent interview said that he was explained by the features of the functioning of the blockchain and Bitcoin. After that, he realized the enormous potential of technology, but not explained why it is so important. Despite this, Warren Buffet still does not see any real value in virtual currency, because the blockchain can work without it.

According to the billionaire, people hope that cryptocurrency will change their lives, since it has the original concept of a limited number and gradually increasing the complexity of production, which over time increases its values, but this is not the case. Although he further added that it is impossible to predict the future or how our life will change next year.

Billionaire also knows about

Warren Buffett is known for its skeptical attitude to cryptocurrency. For the past five years, he persistently recommends that investors do not bind to digital assets, calling them to poisonous and unproductive.

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