What is black holes jets?



When the black hole absorbs the matter, it is spinning around the black hole in the form of an accretion disk and gradually falls on a black hole.

The disk matterium also falls into the black hole pole area and can be thrown out from there due to interaction with a magnetic field of a black hole, which has a maximum intensity on the poles, so jets are perpendicular to the disk, on the north and southern poles of the black hole.

Thus, matterium is ejected from the black hole itself and from the accretion disk. So-there is a common misconception that supposedly Jeta thrown out matter from the black hole itself does not correspond to reality.

The maximum intensity of the Jet has a black hole on the pool itself, and as the intensity is removed from it, it decreases.

Jets of any objects, not only black holes fixed on the basis of their interaction with the surrounding plasma jet by interstellar gas, if it is, or changes in the spectrum and the intensity of the radiation of the object if it rotates periodically guiding Jets towards the Earth.