What profession can not be replaced with a robot


The computer program is the result of creative labor, which makes it difficult to replace programmers with robots even on the basis

British researchers compiled a list «What professions will be replaced by robots.» The developers were in the middle of the rankings of 702 professions, and the percentage of the possibility of replacing their labor amounted to about 50%. The same opinion adheres to Peter Norvig, director of Google for research. The main arguments of supporters of AI are that the neural network can analyze the entire code written earlier, after which it is possible to create your own creative product.

Programs are increasingly approaching the creation of new programs. For example, Google has developed AUTOML — a project that writes new AI. Automl can write for machine learning, which in certain tasks shows the best results than programmers. Despite local progress, Google notes that the AI will not replace the top-level developers completely. The author of the book «Deep Learning Ai Playbook» Carlos E. Perez believes that the AI will replace programmers soon if this stage of evolution will occur at all.

In the US Department of Energy, they suggested that after 20 years most of the code will write other programs, and not people. This can lead to a decrease in the further disappearance of jobs. The US Labor Bureau statistics states that in 2026, the employment of programmers will decrease by 8%.

The IT sphere in India developed rapidly due to outsourcing, but now the number of vacancies decreases. As studies have shown in India, following the next year, more than 50% of the current work skills will lose relevance due to automation.

The IT industry goes to step in which programmers will no longer write code. Their task will be to search for data and transfer them to machine learning systems. The developer will no longer create programs, it will turn the engineer for the new version. Also, programmers will leave themselves the functions of manipulating and analyzing data that generate neural networks.

The professions will be affected by the most, which will replace the robots on generating repetitive elements of the code. This includes the execution of tasks in which abstract thinking does not have a serious meaning: generation of simple HTML or SQL, layout and manual testing.

First of all, the introduction of AI to programming will reduce the time of time on various autoforming or refactoring. Code generators and smart assistants will display automation to a new level and will increase the productivity of the developers.

Home Competition will come from Data Science programmers, which will understand the principles of design and develop specific applications based on machine learning. These principles differ significantly from the usual algorithms and require the study of oriented computing platforms. In addition, interfaces of interaction with AI platforms will reduce the time costs for data entry for machine learning. At the output, the programmer will work with the system, the results of which will be approached by real time.

About the competition AI do not worry. If the day comes when an artificial intelligence can replace programmers, this will happen not earlier than 2040 according to the same developers.

Do not forget about the current position of things. All over the world there is a tendency to lack of IT specialists Machine Learning, Data Science,

Not so long ago they said that with the arrival of cloud services, the administrator will become an irrelevant profession, but the emergence of New — Maiden (Devops) occurred. Now these specialists are very in demand and the same will happen with AI. Regarding the creative component of programming, in 1995 they said that all the code was written and now it is enough to combine it — they say so to this day.

The role of programs in the creation of new programs is increasing even without the influence of AI, but critical thinking and technical skills will not give an explanatory programmer to remain without work.