What would happen if the earth had the form of Cuba?


Another question from the reader:

If it is very short, then you reach the edge of the cube you would cross on the next face and go further. True, the word «reached» is not very suitable. A person would rather have to climb up like the way as climbers go to the mountain peaks. At the same time, in addition to the climbing equipment, a person conceived to reach the edge of the cube and go to another face would be needed to be a surprise with a large margin of oxygen.

If the land had a cube with exactly the same mass, not a ball, then she would have 12 ribs every length of 9300 kilometers. In general, strictly speaking in our universe, planetary mass facilities cannot have such a form, but as a mental experiment, let’s imagine that this is so.

Although all six faces are flat (the fans of the «Flat Earth theory» are bother!), It is possible to stand exactly smoothly near the center of each of the verge. As you remove from the center, you will feel that you begin to climb the inclined plane. The further the person will be removed from the center of the face, the stronger it will feel the slope.

This will happen because at least the land in such a scenario and square, gravity still works in the same way as in the case of ordinary earth. The gravitational acceleration will be directed towards the center of the mass of the Earth, in this case — to the center of the Cuba.

In the center of one of the faces, your head, legs and center of the cube will be on the same line if you are standing perpendicular to the surface. Near one of the ribs of the cube on the contrary — the angle between the direction of the attraction force and the surface of the cube will be 45 degrees, which will be equivalent to how you would rise to the mountain with a bias of 45 degrees.

Human weight will decrease. In the center of the edge, the weight of a person will be about 90% of its normal weight in the case of a spherical land. And when a person will be on one of the cube Röbebe, his weight will be only about 60% of the normal weight. So climbing up the slope will be easier.

It is important to remember that weight and weight is not the same. Mass, of course, will remain the same.

If water is distributed evenly between all the edges of the cube, then at most likely most of the water will be collected in the center of each face and forms one large sea with a diameter of about 4000 kilometers. This will happen even if the faces surface will be completely flat and do not contain any natural depressions in the center of the center.

Gravitational attraction in a very short time will collect almost all the water in the area of the centers of each of the faces, while the shape of these oceans will be convex — the most water will be near the centers of the faces and as the water level approaches the edges will decrease.

The atmosphere will have a similar shape around a cubic land, while the density of the atmosphere near the edges will be very high and will decrease as they approach the edges. Cube’s ribs will be far away in space, in airless space.

Realistly life like the earth would be possible in narrow strips of about 10-20 kilometers of the width of surrounding the inner oceans on each of the faces. Well, of course in the oceans.

Each faces will be completely isolated from others and will have a completely unique biosphere. Such peace is an excellent idea for a science fiction novel. I would read with interest, but in fact such planets are impossible.