Why did Stephen Hawking not received the Nobel Prize in Physics?


A few days ago I was sent a curious question:

Let’s deal with together.

First, since Nobel Prizes do not give posthumously, now the question of whether Hawking «Nobeli» deserves is or not deserved.


I will now say something that can cause a storm of indignation, but overall the media created a somewhat tears from reality the image of Stephen Hawking. And this one

It is important to emphasize that Stephen Hawking was an incredible person who was able to achieve stunning results despite a severe ailment. His personal example incredibly inspires and motivates, and his scientific works are captured.

However, in the public consciousness of Hawking, thanks to media attention is almost one of the greatest physicists of all time. For example, I often ask whether Hoking is more great scientists than for example Einstein, Newton or Feynman.

In the community of physicists of Hawking, they perceive somewhat differently. Without a doubt, the scientific works of hoking are very important, and in some areas — breakthrough. However, few physicists put Hawking in one row with Einstein and other great physicists of the past.

People tend to consider Hoking the greatest modern physicist mainly because it is most likely the only modern physicist about which they heard. The fact that their personal hero does not receive recognition among the scientific community are usually interpreted as snobbery or «conspiracy» against such a great scientist.

In reality, this is not a snobism. Hawking was out of any doubt

It should also be noted that scientists are preferred in the Nobel Committee, whose theories were experimentally confirmed. For example, Peter Higgs (as well as other physicists) brought the theoretical mechanism that determined the whole direction in particle physics for a decade ahead. However, he did not receive a «nobel» until it was actually discovered

Purely theoretical works (and Hawking was a physicist-theorist) extremely rarely noted by the Nobel Committee. This made the chances of Hawking on the lifetime receipt of the Nobel Prize in general, since we will not soon be able to get experimental confirmation by its theories.

Thus, the reasons for which Hawking did not receive and will not receive the Nobel Prize as follows:

It should be added that the list of academic awards of Hoking is truly impressive and such a list could envy any Nobel laureate. For example, Hawking was awarded the Copli medal — the oldest reward in the field of science from the presented now.

Despite the fact that the main prize in the field of physics did not conquer Stephen Hawking, his name would still forever remain in the history of science.