Why is it impossible to share for zero?


Everyone from primary school I remember firmly learned by Axiom: it is impossible to share for zero. But probably everyone wondered — why? Let’s figure it together.

Indeed, because if the division is an operation that finds out how many times the divider is contained in Delim, it is not logical to assume that the result of dividing on zero will infinity?

No, not logical. And that’s why. How to find out if one number is divided into another? From the school textbook of mathematics, we know that

That is, so that we have the opportunity to divide the number

And then the problem arises. By definition, the work of any number with zero will give zero. And we can not take the result of dividing on zero as infinity, because then we will need to assume that

But zero can be divided into zero. However, here we will not get an unequivocal result. After all, if we write two equalities

In both cases, we have come to the fact that when dividing to zero, we cannot get an unequivocal result. That is why the operation of division on zero is impossible.